Segotep at 2023 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo

Segotep at 2023 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo

17th of October, 2023 ---- Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show(GSCES) is held by Global Sources, a famous international B2B platform, at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong from 11th to 14th of Oct, 2023.

Over 2200 brands and companies exhibited their products at the show, which drew numerous visitors worldwide. As one of the best shows of consumer electronics, GSCES provides a one-stop purchase platform of consumer electronics products, computer accessories, auto parts, outdoor electronic products, audio equipment as well as industrial components

Segotep, one of the top 3 computer accessory producers in China, locates its booth in Hall 2, a special gaming equipment showroom of quality suppliers. At the show, the company exhibits some of its newly-developed pc case, coolers, fans and power supplies.

In front of the booth stands the case KL-Aeolus which is a high-end transparent ATX case for DIYers and gamers. The case features a patented front panel with 3 pieces of tempered glass that can be opened to 10 degree to allow more air intake. This design is to lower the temperature of the hardware inside the case more effectively. The case supports 360mm liquid coolers in its top and on its internal board too.

Inside the case is the KL-II 360 ARGB liquid cooler, whose screen is able to show statistics of the pc, for example, CPU temperature and voltage. Besides, it can show usersfavorite photos and videos. The 3 fans of the radiator are integrated and pre-installed so it will be easier for users to manage cable routing as they have less cables than ordinary fans.

Segotep also brings its new transparent case Vista and case Radiant who with a front panel fulled of vents. These cases have been popular since they were first released. Vista is transparent in its left side and front panels equipped with TG glass so the RGB light can glow through. Users can enjoy a panorama of the lighting and their top-of-the-range hardware inside the case directly without the corner column.

Radiant is a M-ATX case whose compact frame supports 360mm liquid cooler in its top. Its wide chassis allows more space for CPU cooler height, which is up to 160mm. And the vents in the front panel also ensure enough cold air is intook for heat dissipation.

On the power supplies side, Segotep demonstrates 80 PLUS Gold certified KL-1250G, among others, a high end modular PSU of its top series Kunlun. The PSU is built with ATX3.0 standard with a native 12VHPWR cable for PCIe5.0 as the latest GPUs adopts. In addition to the use of Japanese capacitors for better cripple noise(less than 30mV, 12V fully loaded), the PSU is designed with a framework of LLC pro resonant circuit and a DC-DC circuit to ensure its power provision and stability.

At the expo, other PSUs including GM series(means 80PLUS Gold and Modular) and AM series(which means 80PLUS standard and modular) are also exhibited.

As high performance computers are requiring better liquid coolers with strong heat dissipation capacities, Segotep provides many choices of 360mm liquid coolers designed for HPCs. Among them is the Frozen 360ARGB, the latest liquid cooler rolled out by the company. It adopts an 8-pole motor whose top speed is as fast as 2800RPM±10% while it can still keep the working noise at a low level. The hydraulic bearing fans are able to provide up to 82.61CFM of air volume to ensure its heat dissipation capacity. The pump cover is designed with infinite mirror reflection effect, whose lighting and colors can be synchronized with the motherboard.

Segotep also shows some of its hot-sale mid-level air coolers, among which are Lumos G4 and G6, Frozen T4 and T6, as well as some case fans.

As an experienced and famous computer accessory producer in the industry, Segotep has always been and will keep focusing on research and development of high quality yet affordable computer hardware for users all around the world.

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