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Q:lsee there are more than four screw holes on the back of the power supply,but the packaging only offer (4)screws,are some missing?

A: Nothing is missing you will only need to attach the Segotep GP power supply to the case with four screws. The power supply offer more than (4) holes to provide optimal compatibility for today's varied case designs.

Q: My Segotep Power Supply includes (2) EPS cables for my motherboard,do I need to connect up both?

A: Motherboards only require (1)4+4 or 8-Pin EPS connection. On some models,an additional 4+4-Pin or 8-Pinconnection on the motherboard may be found for dual CPU configurations or for extreme overclocking.If your motherboard supports dual 4+4-Pin FPS connections,please refer to your motherboard manufacturer's manual for details on the proper function and power of the EPS Connections.

Q.What if I want to use power adapters for my graphics card(s)motherboard/peripherals?

A.Seqotep always recommends the use of direct power connections from the power supply to power all components.

Q. Does it matter which end of the cable I plug into the power supply?

A: Yes, the connections going to the power supply will not have "break downs"like the EPS (CPU)has 4+4 on one side and ful 8-Pin on the other, Check each cable as it is labeled appropriately to match the power supply side,and connect only the same "matching"cable directly to the power supply as referenced on each connector.

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